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We didn’t know each other back when, but we grew up in the same small town in WV where three rivers meet, and we both share the love of outdoors and the simple pleasures in life… the sunrise over the river, good food shared around the table…….and a calling to be in the coffee business.  


Rich followed his calling earlier on by being in hospitality for over 25 years, and specifically coffee for the last 10 years.   A most “coincidental” introduction by a mutual friend a few years ago lead Rich and Sherry to team up and dream up a coffee shop for Cornelius that offered that easy atmosphere with an inspired cup of coffee and bite to eat .


Our intention is to bring the best of each of our experiences to create a great vibe, inspired comfort food, and yes, really good locally roasted coffee, tea, and espresso drinks.  



A 20-year career in product development and marketing was the corporate chapter of my life.  The Next Chapter I coined myself “master dabbler” being an artist, a house flipper, retail and art gallery owner, social media manager, and best of all…. Traveler.  The dream of a coffee shop was a constant hum in the background all those years.   One of my favorite things to do was visiting the coolest coffee shops in Rome, Sydney, Amsterdam, Seattle, New York, and every quaint little place  that I could in between and around.  This Chapter is to make Willow Wood a place you put on your list of favorite places.



 Rich grew up in Hinton, WV surrounded by natural rivers and woods forming his love for the outdoors. 
After graduating from Marshall University, he started his career in the hospitality industry in 1996, managing full service restaurants. 
   In 2013 he switched his career focus to the coffee industry where he had the opportunity to manage coffee shops and learn from coffee experts. 
   Rich has grown to appreciate fine specialty coffee and the variety of ways it allows to bring people together. 
   He is passionate about customer service and enjoys building relationships with guests and staff. Making people happy and seeing them smile the goal and reward. 

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